Wednesday, September 7, 2011


While I was planning the blogshop, I knew at some point I wanted to speak on a subject that would further add to your walk in wholeness. There are a few subjects that are dear to my heart, but there is one that resonated with me the most that I thought would be fitting: understanding your worth. Today, I am sharing some "valuable" tips that I hope will encourage you to know just how valuable you are.

Whenever I hear a young lady (and sometimes older ladies) referring to themselves as "b's" as if it's a term of endearment, it makes me cringe. When I know a woman is only with a man because she feels she can't do any better and is settling for just anything, I am disheartened. When a woman has been through so much in her life that she's ultimately "given up", my heart breaks. Ultimately, something happened to each of these women that made them believe the opposite of their true value.

At some point in our lives we may have been just like the women I just spoke of. A lot of us have been in bad relationships, messed up friendships, had less than a good home life, and more. Some of you may be there now. Whatever the case, it's important for you to know that you are valuable, priceless, worth it. There is no circumstance or situation that could ever take away that truth.

With that in mind, do any of the women above sound like you? Do you need to be reminded of just how valuable you are? Below, I've listed some tips that I hope will encourage you in knowing your worth. You are so much more than terms of degradation, settling for less, toxic relationships or any other thing that is contrary to your value.You are way more than that.

A WOMAN'S WORTH: "VALUABLE TIPS"  (with scriptural references)
1. Have you ever heard the term, "God didn't make no junk"? Well, it's true. You were created from the Best. {Genesis 1:27}

2. Don't degrade yourself. Do you ever call yourself dumb or stupid? When you make a mistake do you make a blanket statement like, "I can never do anything right"? Be a bit more patient with yourself. You are not dumb or stupid and we all make mistakes. {1 Corinthians 13:4}

3. Even if you don't feel worth it, speak it anyway. You weren't designed to be a dump site so any time you speak or think a negative thought about yourself, it chips away at your self esteem. {1 John 4:4}

4. Remove yourself from any situation that is not good for you. {Psalm 1}

5. Get to the root of the problem. There's a reason you feel the way you do. {Matthew 11:28}

6. Understand that what happened to you isn't who you are. {Psalm 40:2)

7. You are more than anything that seeks to come against all that God has created you to be. {Isaiah 54:17}


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Awesome!!!

  3. This is good!! So many women need to hear this. I can be quite hard on myself at times so...I needed to hear this. Thank you for sharing ^_^