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I saw photos of Jamia and Willis's engagement on One Party to Remember's Instagram and thought it was beautiful. I could tell by the few photos that I saw, that the future groom put a lot of thought into the proposal. The beautiful yellow color scheme added to the romance of the occasion and the location was a beautiful backdrop to such an important day.

As always, when I see a story that speaks to everything that Chronicles is about, I have to share it :-) Today, I'm happy to share the story of Jamia and Willis. 

Date of Proposal: November 9, 2014
Wedding Date: November 2016
Wedding location: Orlando, Florida

Jamia + Willis

How did your fiance' propose?
It was a warm Sunday evening in which I thought we were going to an early birthday dinner. My fiancĂ© was in town to celebrate my birthday early because he would be out of town on a basketball trip the week of my birthday. On the ride to what I thought was dinner, Willis asked me to put on a blindfold because he had a surprise. I complied. The car came to a stop and Willis helped me out of the car and held my hand and would not let it go. Willis was very calm and we had a casual conversation. He asked me if I wanted to eat steak. Simultaneously, I could hear music playing in the background. In that moment, we were stopped and I heard a man singing John Legend ‘You and I’. Moments passed and Willis removed the blindfold and in complete shock. Family and close friends surrounded me. I was taking aback by the presence of my family, the singer, videographer, cellist, a big heart made of roses on the floor, the soft yellow decorations, and the lake in the distance behind the sun. He proposed at Azalea Garden in Winter Park.

Did you know that a proposal was coming? 
I did not suspect anything at all. I was completely taken back. We’ve always talked about marriage, but I just didn’t know when it would happen. I was in my last year of pharmacy school and he’d been so busy with work and grad school I didn’t think he had time to do much of anything especially not plan a proposal.

What was your reaction?
Total shock! I must say I cried like a baby. It was so unexpected but beautiful at the same time. He really put a lot of thought into the day and I felt all the more special.

How did you celebrate the proposal that day/night?
That night of the proposal we had a dinner party with close family and friends. Everything was so beautiful. There were candles and more flowers set around the dinner table. My family surprised us with an engagement cake.

How did you share the news with friends and family?
Family is a big part of both our lives. Willis said he felt that it was important to have those closest to us around. So there was not to many people left to tell. We shared some photos via social media as well. Plus both our mothers called everyone they knew to give the news. I was so happy that he did incorporate those closest to us because it was a moment I will forever cherish.

Did you/will you be having an engagement party? 
No, we have not had an engagement party yet but I would definitely like to now that I am done with school I can focus on planning for the big day. 

What did you love the most about your proposal?
For me the best part was when we were both crying together. I am a huge softy so crying is not uncommon for me, but it was something I’d never seen him do. Willis has always been a sweet and romantic guy, but he not one to cry so easily. In that moment I felt like it brought us even closer. 

Was your proposal everything you dreamed it would be?
It was more. I had always thought that it would be something simple but sweet. I thought he would do something with just the two of us, but it was so much more special having those closest to us present

More photos of the happy couple

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