Thursday, September 1, 2011


One of the things I made the connection with during the time I was overcoming my brokenness was that how I looked reflected how I felt about myself. I remember, at one point, wearing baggy clothes because they made me feel "comfortable" when, in actuality it was a reflection of an "I don't care", "I don't feel good about myself" attitude. Eventually, after overcoming that attitude, I started to make changes in my appearance because I felt better about myself. I got a nice "cut" for my hair and went on a a little shopping spree for myself. It was one of the "happier" moments of my healing process.

It's true: When you look good, you feel good. Yesterday, we talked about making changes to our inside to reflect what's going on, on the outside. You see the three ladies below? Well, today they'll be working on the outside :-) Get to know them first. Their features to follow.

Stacie Holmes is a 28-year-old mother of  a 3-year-old daughter. She lives in Orlando, FL and is a full-time student studying psychology at Daytona State College. For Stacie, fashion is not a hobby, it's her passion.

My name is Eboni Ife' and I am originally from the Bay Area (Northern California), although my mom and I lived in Los Angeles on and off in my youth. I attended San Diego State for college, so I like to think of myself as an all around California girl! I graduated in 2005 and entered the working world with the same idealism as most new graduates, I presume. I quickly learned that finding your "dream job" isn't quite as easy as it appears. While I enjoy what I do, I can't honestly say that it is as fulfilling as I'd hoped when I was in college. This is where my blog comes in! In May of 2010, I found myself being completely consumed by my all my favorite blogs. I stalked them faithfully...and found myself loving them even more than I loved my collection of magazines! They were just so inspiring. Naturally, it occurred to me that I could start my own blog and maybe I could be a source of inspiration to others in the same way. I was already managing a fitness blog and a personal blog about how I met my husband (on Twitter). I loved these blogs, but the fashion blog incited a different kind of excitement and fulfillment for me! I've since left my other two blogs behind, but I think The Fashionista Next Door is here to stay!

Educator by day. Blogger by night. Stylist in between. Houston knows her as Reiko but the cyber world knows her as GFS of God's Favorite Shoes. What started as a blog about a teacher vowing not to wear crocs or sweaters with apples or school bus patches has turned into a lifestyle blog. Covering everything from how to step out of your own style box to seeing how leopard print has become a neutral. Style. Shoes. Humor. All of God's Favorite things...not really but it sounded good:)

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  1. I'm already enjoying their features and I have yet to read!!!!!