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There's nothing like being beautiful on the inside and out. But we don't feel like that all the time. And, for some, they don't feel like that at all. Part of being whole is knowing the beauty God has given us starts within first, then exudes on the outside. Today, beauty consultant Deidra Chism shares her own beauty tips. This feature is sure to make you feel absolutely glamorous. [Be sure to check out Deidra's fabulous photos at the end of the feature]
Deidra Chism, Beauty Consultant

What is your definition of beauty?
For me, beauty is taking who you are (the good, the bad, and the ugly), realizing your inner strengths, appreciating your outer appearance, and capitalizing on them to work hand in hand. My inner strength is knowing I have the power of God in me giving me confidence, hope, strength and the assurance of knowing I can have whatever and whomever (yes, who ever I want lol...Lord, I am still waiting on Columbus Short lol) as long as I continue to seek Him.

What could be a detriment to relying solely on outward beauty?
There are several detriments to relying solely on outward beauty. As my father, Supt. Donald Chism would say “One maybe a brick house now, but after a while, those bricks start to shift.” One big detriment is outward beauty will or can fade. Once that is gone, the only thing we have left is our inner beauty. If that does not shine through, one is just walking around with no light or radiance. Your inner beauty is the only thing that can or will sustain. Just ask that couple that’s been married 30+ years, gone through physical changes, but they still see each other as being “the most beautiful person in the world.” Some people may argue the point, “If you have money one can always look good.” Have you seen Joan Rivers or Melanie Griffin lately? Case closed :-)!

What are some things that can make someone feel ugly?
There are plenty of things that can make one feel ugly. To name a few off the top of my head, I would say life's circumstances can make one feel ugly. We look at our situations in life and feel like we are not good enough internally, as a result when we look in the mirror, we see "not good enough." Being "not good enough can easily equal to not feeling pretty or do not look good enough." I can remember a situation in my life, where I had to make a life changing decision. As a result, naturally my confidence was shaken and when you have shaken or broken confidence, you do not feel good about yourself. Everything about you "does not equal up."Also, when we compare ourselves with someone else, which can easily make one feel as if "they are not as pretty." Being a small petite woman, I had to learn to embrace my "small frame" and play up my positives. My inspiration has been Jada Pinkett Smith. She is small but can still put a "bootylicious" girl to shame. So, I started hitting the gym. Now, I love my little legs, little hips, small waist, small backside, and everything else. Now, don't get it twisted. If God asked me if I wanted bigger legs, a bigger backside, and some hips, of course my answer would be YES! lol...But if he does not ask me, I am still MADE 2 GLAM ;).

If someone was feeling "ugly" on the inside, what words of encouragement would you give her?
If someone was feeling “ugly” on the inside, I would say the following:
Every day look in the mirror and say” I was born to be M.A.D.E. 2 G.L.A.M.….Make A Difference Every day to be a Glowing Light Among Many. When you are MADE, you focus on your inner strengths and that thing (s) you know “Can’t no one do but me.” Reaffirm who you are in life, and move forward. After all of that is said and done, comb your hair (or in some cases, put your hair on :-) ), “put on your lip-gloss”, hold your head up high, and let your light shine from the inside out!

What makes you feel beautiful?
I feel beautiful when I put on a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of shoes that can turn heads all by themselves. My walk tells people "I am beautiful and walking towards success!!!"

What scripture(s) would you give to remind someone how beautiful God sees her? 
Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.  This let me know I am a reflection of God. When God sees me, He sees his child and He sees what He created. After God created light, He was good. After God created waters,seas, and skys, He said...It was good. After God created vegetables and seed bearing plants, He was good. After God created trees bearing fruit, He was good. After God separated the day from night, He was good. After God created creatures of the sea, He was good. After God created wild animals and livestock, He was good. I also believed if He said all of them above were good, he also said: "It was good” after He created Deidra Alexandria Chism. For I am created in His image, I am God's workmanship, and He beautifies his children with salvation. After knowing who I am in God and knowing He created me to be his workmanship and I am a reflection of him...I KNOW I AM BEAUTIFUL and can’t know one tell me anything less...I know I am a child of the King and when you see me, you see the God in me.

Visit Deidra on her site M.A.D.E. 2 GLAM

Deidra's fabulous photos

Deidra gave some great beauty tips in her feature. Use the worksheet to help uncover some of your own beauty tips.

1. What is your definition of beauty?

2. Do you rely solely on your outward beauty?

3. Have you gone through some things that have made you feel ugly? If so, list them.

4. How would you encourage yourself to overcome feeling ugly? 

5. What makes you feel beautiful?

6. What scriptures do you lean on to remind you of how beautiful God sees you?


Sometimes we need a little pick-me-up to remind us just how beautiful we are. And beauty, in this case, is the thing that radiates from within and shows on the outside. Today, beauty consultant, Deidra Chism reminds us just how beautiful we are in God's eyes and shows us why we're "M.A.D.E 2 GLAM". But first, get to know Deidra. Stay tuned for her fabulous feature.

Deidra always knew she wanted to work in the beauty industry. As a young child, Deidra told her mom she wanted to be a hairstylist. Her mother’s response was, “First you go to college and then you think big with your goals.” Those words have stuck with Deidra and now years later, she is thinking big.

Deidra Chism graduated from Central High School in May of 2000 and afterwards, set her eyes on Fisk University. Deidra enrolled into Fisk in the fall of 2000 majoring in Business Administration and Management. Throughout her matriculation at Fisk, Deidra became involved in numerous volunteer and campus organizations. Deidra is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Deidra always enjoyed Homecoming Season at Fisk University. She knew she would have many appointments. As Dorian, her sister would put it, “Deidra only needs 1 bobby pin, and she will give you the cutest up-do. With that 1 bobby pin, your hair will not fall down.” Deidra graduated from Fisk University in May of 2004 with her B.S. in Business Administration and Management.

After graduating from Fisk University in Nashville, TN, Deidra moved back home to Memphis, TN and enrolled in Plaza Beauty School. At Plaza, Deidra was afforded the opportunities to work with some of the best educators the city has to offer and receive additional education provided by Pivot Point. Deidra graduated with high honors in haircutting techniques, communication, and also hairstyling.

After graduating, Deidra relocated but eventually landed back in Memphis, TN. While returning back to Memphis, Deidra worked with Supercuts for a period of time. Afterwards, Deidra felt it was time to move on and step out on faith. Within months, M.A.D.E. 2 Glam came about and Deidra has not looked back.

With M2G, Deidra is more than a hairstylist, but an inspiration to ladies highlighting the younger generation. M2G help young ladies realize who they are, what they represent, and most importantly to reach their full potential.

Deidra strives in helping women of any age realize they are M.A.D.E-Making A Difference Everywhere and Everyday.

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Have you ever known someone for a long time and you find out something awesome about them that you never knew? That's exactly what happened to me with today's guest. Patrice and I are high school classmates and I never knew all this time how great of a make up artist she was until I saw her work on Facebook. When she shared the fan page for her business (Beautiful Just Because) and I saw how she stepped out to pursue her passion, I had to share her story.

There's something about stepping out and doing what you love that creates a sense of fulfillment. I like, especially, that it adds to wholeness and contributes to an overall productive, happy, and joyful life.

Patrice Parrish, MUA

When did you decide to go for it, step out, and pursue your passion?
This may sound cheesy but I was watching Oprah and I heard her say something like "when you're doing what you love to do (your passion) it won't even feel like you're working because you love what you do..

Did you have any fears about stepping out? If so, what helped you to overcome them?
Yes I do have some fears: one is that people won't except my art- I literally asked God to help me face all my fears. I started thinking postive. I told myself that I was doing something right because the same people that I thought won't except my art was... It helped me tremendously.

What do you love about what you do?
I love enhancing one's beauty. I love the pleased looks and compliments after I've worked with a client.

I like the name of your business, Beautiful Just Because. How did you come up with it?
The name of my business was inspired by my son. I took his initials from his name and came up with a the slogan which also speaks to all women. You're beautiful in every way... Just because

Did you have support from friends, family, etc... when you decided to step out and pursue your passion? If so, how did it help?
Yes, I have tremendous support system!! My mother, my sisters, etc. They are another reason why I stepped out and started to pursue my passion. They have showed me compassion and love. They give me honest opinions whenever I called upon them.

How would you encourage someone to step out and pursue their passion?
I would definitely encourage anybody to pursue their passion by just keeping the faith in God and themselves. The best set back can be yourself..

Visit the BJB fan page here
Subscribe to Patrice on twitter @PatriceMUA

Are you ready to pursue your passion? This worksheet will help get you started.

1. Have you had your "moment"? Has someone or something inspired you to step out and pursue your passion?

2. Is there anything stopping you from stepping out (i.e. fear)?

3. What do you love about the thing you're passionate about?

4. What is your vision for the thing you're passionate about (i.e. making it a business)

5. What kind of support system do you have?

*BONUS: Place your passion in God's hands.Trust that He will guide you every step of the way. If it gets scary and you start to feel fear, speak 2 Timothy 1:7 and keep on going. Give it to Him, step out, and He will be there with you as you pursue your passion.


Knowing who God created you to be is one of the most important components of being whole. Without it, it feels as if you're walking aimlessly through life trying to figure out (in the words of Rick Warren) "What on earth am I here for?" Today, life coach, Tangie Henry gives some guidance on finding the "pathway to purpose." Be sure to get the Whole Woman Worksheet at the end of the feature. Also, stay tuned for "Pursuing Your Passion", an inspiring feature by make up artist, Patrice Parrish.

Tangie Henry, Life Coach

The upcoming retreat that you will be hosting fits right in with this series. Can you share some details on your upcoming Pathway to Purpose retreat and what it will entail?
The Pathway to Purpose Retreat is all about helping women discover, rediscover or affirm their purpose. I meet so many women who are not really maximizing their potential for one reason or the other. This retreat will give them the opportunity to not only get inspired to do great things, but provide an opportunity of rest, as well. Oftentimes, the pathway to our purpose is obscured because we’re just tired: Tired of managing everyone else’s lives while trying to live our own. This will be an opportunity for ladies to get clear & refreshed so that they can go back to their environment & conquer the world!

I am also taking this opportunity to honor women who are busy making things happen in their communities by hosting an awards ceremony highlighting Inspired Sistahs everywhere.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to discover her purpose? What steps would she need to take?
That is such a great question. I would tell her to look within. What is that “thing” that comes so naturally to her that she could do without much effort? What is it that she would do all day long for free without taking a break? Sometimes we shun our natural talents and abilities because we don’t think that we could make a living doing them. But the reality is that we were all designed for a specific purpose. You have the power to get wealth within your hands by using your natural grace & ability. If you submitted yourself to that grace, you could then, get in the position to receive creative insight and favor and learn how to, not only make a living, but live abundantly from the fruit of your hands.

If I had to offer steps, I would say first, seek God for wisdom and clarity. And then take an inventory of your interests, even that thing you may have abandoned as a child. Think about what comes so easy to you and is just a natural extension of who you are. For example, maybe you’re the “Girl Friday” who everyone can come to and you can help them draft a resume, do their taxes and program their smart phone. Do you know there are people who will pay for your gift? That’s exactly how it was designed. And, finally, just do it! Release the fear and do it anyway. Start where you, with what you have and watch the doors fly open.

Can you share your purpose story? How did you discover your purpose?
When I think about my journey, I realize that I’ve always been an Inspired Sistah. Even as a teenager, I was the sober, sane, girlfriend who everyone came to talk to when they were in a “situation.” I’ve always been really interested in helping people in times of transition. Thus, I gravitated to the nursing profession where I get to help women in times of great vulnerability. I fully embraced my passion, though, a couple of years ago when I realized that my greatest joy comes from encouraging women to live extraordinary lives. I realized that my ability to do that was, indeed, a gift. And that God took my mess of a life and made something beautiful out of it so that He could usher His daughters to greatness. I count it a privilege and I am humbled by it daily.

What, to you is the greatest benefit of knowing your purpose?
I believe the greatest benefit to knowing your purpose is being able to be in a position to live the life that you were intended to live. When you don’t know your purpose, you will take jobs, get involved in relationships and participate in activities that don’t serve you. When you don’t know the purpose of a thing, you will abuse it. Thus, when you don’t know why you’ve been equipped with certain gifts, you’ll dishonor, neglect or abuse them. The way I see it, God is a “business man.” He wants a return on His investment. Remember the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30? We’re expected to, not only use the talents we were given, but to sow them so that they will produce even more seeds.

Earlier, you mentioned that oftentimes, the pathway to purpose is obscured because we're just tired. What other obstacles could get in the way of discovering your purpose?
Fear! Fear of making a mistake. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear, fear, fear! When we operate in fear, we’re not exercising our faith. We start having negative self-talk and we start doubting if we can really do it. We start asking ourselves questions like, “What if people don’t like what I’m doing? What will others say?” So then we get stuck in the “paralysis of analysis” and never move forward.

What scriptural reference would you give to encourage someone along their journey to discovering their purpose?
Romans 12:4-8, Matthew 25:14-30

You are also known as Inspired Sistah. In closing, can you give some more inspiring words to COAFW readers that would further encourage them to find their purpose?
Everyone was born with purpose within them, but not everyone has had that seed nurtured. As a result, they start gravitating toward what’s popular or what they think will make them the most money. And then they find themselves many degrees and dollars later still unfulfilled. You will never be at peace until you’re fully embracing the purpose God has placed within you. I say that from personal experience because I have a lot of varied interest and several college degrees, but the thing that gives me the most satisfaction is being in a position to encourage and inspire women to live victorious lives. And I position myself so that everything I do supports that mission. In the wake of all that’s going on in the world: Lay-offs, unemployment, uncertainty, this is a perfect opportunity for people to “try” their hand at the things they’ve been dreaming about. Maybe they’ve wanted to go back to school and get an Art Degree instead of the Accounting Degree they currently have. Maybe they’ve always wanted to make pretty dresses. Maybe they’ve wanted to be a missionary in Africa. Whatever it is, Just Do It! This is the season. The whole world is waiting on the manifestation of YOUR gift. Believe it!
Visit Tangie on her site Inspired Sistah
Visit the Pathway to Purpose retreat site here

Tangie gave some very practical steps about discovering your purpose. Use the worksheet to start your own "pathway to purpose".

1. What is that "thing" that comes naturally to you without much effort? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. What is something you could do all day for free without taking a break?

3. What do you think is the greatest benefit of knowing your purpose?

4. What obstacles may be hindering you from knowing your purpose?

5. Do you have a favorite scripture to stand on? If so, list it/them. (Tangie shared two very helpful scriptures: Romans 12:4-8, Matthew 25:14-30)

6. Inspire yourself: Write some encouraging words to yourself to help you on your pathway to purpose. Don't forget to read them from time to time.

*BONUS: Start your purpose story (even if you're unsure of what that might be, write that too)

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The moment that I've been waiting for: to unveil the fabulous ladies who will be sharing their insights and advice for the Whole Woman blogshop. Part of being whole is knowing who God created to be and why He created you to be. Tomorrow, life coach Tangie Henry will share how to find the "pathway to purpose". Following, an inspirational feature from make up artist,Patrice Parrish who stepped out in faith to pursue her passion. Get to know about these fabulous ladies below.

Gifted to inspire, Tangie Henry has spent years encouraging others to rise above their circumstances and soar to new heights. As a Registered Nurse and Certified Life Coach, Tangie has an opportunity to “minister” to all types of women at times of great vulnerability. She has a heart for women who are broken and bruised and those challenged by life’s obstacles. Offering Inspiration with a Flair, anyone needing a little motivation is inspired by her to move past their setbacks and go to the next level. Using her life experiences, a little sistah savvy and a lot of Godly wisdom, Tangie encourages women to be their better selves. She is the founder of InspiredSistah LLC, a faith-based company dedicated to “Inspiring Women to Live on Top of the World.” Tangie currently lives in the metro Atlanta area with her husband, Jessie. She is available for workshops or speaking engagements catering to the needs of women. For general inquiries or booking information, visit her online at

Patrice Parrish was born and raise in Orlando, Florida and graduated from Jones High School. She has been a freelance makeup artist for over 10 years. She specializes in weddings, photo shoots, editoral, and beauty photos.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Whole Woman Blogshop. Today I'm introducing what I pray will be a blessing for all who become a part of this wonderful series. I'm looking forward to sharing with you, over the next few days, some very encouraging words and inspiring stories. Not just from me but from a great group of women who I know will bless you.

It is my prayer that if you are broken in any area of your life, that this will serve as a resource that will help you start you on your journey to wholeness. It is also my prayer that if you are already walking in wholeness that this will serve as further encouragement  or a "refresher course" of sorts to continue to walk in wholeness.

To get things started, today I'm sharing with you my story. It is what motivated me to want to do the blogshop in the first place and is the foundation of what it is all about. I believe that I was supposed to give purpose to my journey and, in that, encourage others as well.  

Here is my story.

It all started when I was in college. I had these bad feelings that I could not shake. I couldn't get through a day without something going wrong. I just didn't feel "right". So, I challenged myself to make it through an entire week without something happening. It worked. It was then that I knew something was indeed, wrong.

Previous to this, I had nothing to compare the wrong thing to. But, after going through a week of "right", it felt so refreshing to complete a day without any mishaps.

What I learned later on is that those wrong things, those feelings I had were due to a lack of self worth. I felt like I couldn't do anything right. There was a spirit of defeat looming in my spirit--a world of negative thoughts that I didn't know existed.

Eventually I did something about it.

One day as I was lying on my bed in my campus-owned apartment watching TV, my mind started to wander. I started thinking about all of the things that were going on with me. Looking back, I realize that God was preparing to reveal to me what was wrong with me. And just like that, in a simultaneous move, I sat up in my bed and said, "Audrey, you have low self esteem". I'd heard the term used before but didn't pay it any mind because I didn't think it applied to me. But after thinking about how I'd been feeling, the mishaps, and not being able to make it through the week without something going wrong, that day I made the connection.

Over time, I took the necessary steps to overcome my brokenness. I looked up everything I could about low self esteem (during this time I learned that I was suffering with depression). I went to an on campus counselor for help as well. As I understood more and more what my problem was, I wanted to get the bad things out and replace them with the good. I attended church every Sunday and it seemed as if the pastor had a word for me every single time. I started reading books like, The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Lady In Waiting, and Success God's Way. I began watching Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, and Charles Stanley. I started defining words that I'd heard before but needed to understand what they meant to my life. I defined words like: low self esteem, anger, shame, self worth. I carved out a set time to spend with God every night.

But ultimately it was me allowing God to do a divine make over in me that turned my brokenness into wholeness. The woman I am today is a result of it all.

I don't know where you are in your life right now. Maybe you're broken and are in need of a divine make over. Maybe you're already walking in wholeness and need a refresher course. Where ever you are, I encourage you to join me and the guests who will be a part of the Whole Woman blogshop, as we encourage you to be what I believe God wants all of us to be--whole.

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It's been a long time coming but the Whole Woman Blogshop is finally here :-) The blogshop will kick off this Sunday, August 28, 2011 with an introductory post from me. Thank you to everyone who has been asking about the launch date and being patient with me getting this together. What started out as a "small" vision to encourage single women to walk in wholeness turned into something bigger.

I would also like to give a very special thank you to all of the wonderful guests scheduled for the blogshop. Thank you to: Tangie Henry, Deidra Chism, Stacie Holmes, Patrice Parrish, Kenna Williams, Chelsea Pickens, Eboni Ife', Reiko, Dr. Taffy Wilkins Wagner, Ashlie Kyles, and Yvonne Orji. You are greatly appreciated.

The Set Up
Each post/feature has been assigned a coach or consultant for each topic (unless it is a "real story" feature). Most of the features will be much like the interviews you see here on COAFW. In some cases more than one feature will be posted for a topic, but will be shared in intervals. (I encourage you to comment at any time during the blogshop, your thoughts about any of the topics).

Also, the blogshop has been designed to be not only informative but applicable as well. I believe that it's null and void to retain information if one doesn't apply it. With that said, a Whole Woman Worksheet will be included at the end of each post/feature to correspond with each subject. And guess what? I'm going to be doing this WITH you :-)

I look forward to sharing the blogshop with you. Prayerfully I'll see you on Sunday :-)

God Bless,

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Take a look at some of the great guests who will be featured for the Whole Woman blogshop. There's more to come...

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promotional video

Hello all. Find out what the upcoming Whole Woman blogshop will be about. Also, today I will reveal some of the great guests who will be featured for the blogshop. And later, I'll be sharing the scriptural foundation of the blogshop and how it will be set up. Stay tuned.

[Update] Tomorrow I will be revealing some of the great guests who will be featured on the blogshop.

Before you listen...
A blogshop is the equivalent to a workshop or a conference, only that you participate via a blog. I don't know if this term has been coined already but when I was trying to think of what would adequately describe it, instead of calling it a series, I call it a blogshop.

Sorry about all the "ums" in the message lol. This wasn't scripted.


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