Thursday, September 8, 2011


I heard someone say once that you have to be single before you're married. While that sounds like stating the obvious, not every single woman understands the biblical approach to singleness. Part of that is appreciating the gift of singleness. And what about God's call to purity, whether it be virginity or celibacy? Would you "rock" your stance and boldly share it with others or would you be ashamed to let others know that you "still" haven't had sex or that maybe celibacy is for the birds?

Today's guests will address both of these subjects. Ashlie Kyles is here to share why single is not a dirty word. Yvonne Orji is here to boldy share her stance on purity and how she rocks it to the world. But first, meet Ashlie and Yvonne. Their features to follow.

Ashlie Kyles is a young, passionate and enthusiastic woman who loves books, crafts and inspiring women. She has over ten years decorating experience and is the founder of Bella Ministries Group, a women's empowerment network. Currently, she resides in the Atlanta area working towards her B.A. in Religion/Ministry.

Yvonne Orji is a talented comedienne, actress, writer and entrepreneur who recently completed an Artist in Residence position at the University of Richmond, where she was featured as the lead character, Obierika, in the internationally acclaimed stage adaptation of the classic novel, "Things Fall Apart," under the Directorship of Mr. Chuck Mike. As a writer, she serves as the Entertainment Correspondent for Black Star News, covering high-profile events and performances and recently worked on the TV One Show, Love That Girl, starring Tatyana Ali. Yvonne travels both nationally and internationally performing her unique blend of good, clean humor with a Nigerian/American flavor, to audiences of all sizes, alongside some of the best in the business, including: Michael Blackson, Jonathan Slocumb, Mike Yard, Jeffrey Joseph and Michael Washington, to name a few. She was a 2010 Semi-finalist for the New York City NBC Stand up for Diversity Competition and a 2007 finalist in the DC Improv's Funniest College Student Competition. She currently hosts the weekly comedy show, Momma, I Made It!, every Thursday Night in Midtown Manhattan and has a one-hour stand-up special airing on the Africa Channel. A true business woman, she added “Owner” to her list of titles when, in 2009, she founded Rock Your Stance! Apparel, a clothing line that promotes positive messages based on Biblical Principles. As a proud graduate of The George Washington University, Yvonne holds a B.A. in Sociology and an M.P.H., with a concentration in Global Health Promotion. She has traveled throughout Latin America & and the Caribbean, and most recently to Post-Conflict Liberia, where she spent six months spreading awareness on Teen Pregnancy & HIV prevention/testing. Above all, Yvonne credits her talents and abilities to God and His faithfulness.

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