Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hello all. Here's another fabulous wedding day look by one of my favorite You Tube gurus, Dolapo aka SongBirdDiva4Life. If you're thinking about doing your own make up when your big day comes, she is a great person to watch on how to apply.Check out the video below for the Retro Glam Bride look :-)


Monday, October 25, 2010


There is no match for the love of God. He loves us unconditionally, no matter what. Who wouldn't want to be loved like that? Below is a song by one of my favorite gospel trios, Out of Eden. It's called Just the Way. Listen to it, let it motivate you today, and remind you that there is no other love like the love of God. It's just the way...

P.S. I love at the end when they sing, "I never been so happy...":-)


God Bless


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Someone posted this song on FB the other day and I thought it was beautiful. This is definitely fitting for a wedding. It's also a song that us Future Wives can listen to every now and then when we need to be reminded that God does have wonderful men that He's keeping just for us. Take a minute and listen :-)

THE ONE HE KEPT FOR ME by Maurette Brown Clark

God Bless


Monday, October 18, 2010


I know that money doesn't seem very future wife-ish but gaining or maintaining good financial habits now is something that you can carry into your marriage. Below are six financial principles and benefits from Pastor Mac Brunson of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fl. He shared them in his sermon yesterday. (Note: All of the principles can be adjusted to apply to your single lifestyle)

1. Get out of debt.

2. Ask yourself before any purchase, "Do I need this?"

3. (For married couples) ask before a purchase, "Are we as a couple in agreement on this purchase?"

4.Can I pay this off at the end of the month?

5. Will purchasing this blow our/my financial goals?

6. Will this purchase impact the giving of our/my tithes?

1. You will move from paying interest to earning interest.

2. You'll stop worrying about money and use money as a tool.

3. You'll stop being scared of the future and will have hope for the future.

4. You'll stop fighting financial fires.

5. You'll be set free from things you can't reach.

6. You'll stop attacking each other in marriage and start working together.


Friday, October 15, 2010


I'd like for you to take this into the weekend with you.


-It's not your job to look for your future husband, it's your your future husband's job to look for you (Proverbs 18:22). And keep in mind, he may NOT be looking for you right now. Why? Because he may not be ready. God still may be cleaning him up, preparing him to come into your life.

-Your future husband has to seek God FIRST, before he seeks you so he's not the hold up (Matthew 6:33).

-Your future husband already exists. God doesn't have to drum him up or scurry to find him (Jeremiah 29:11).

-You're not waiting for "a" husband, you're waiting for YOUR husband, the one God has chosen for you (Psalm 130:5)

Final Thought: Trust God and get on (continue on) with your life, serving Him , until He sees fit to bring you and your future husband together.

Have a blessed weekend.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do you ever think about how you want your make up for your wedding day? I admit, when I'm thinking about my big day, I'm usually thinking about my dress, colors, or where I would like it to be. Just recently I started pondering the cosmetic side for my day. Do I want neutral or some color? I'll have that all figured out when that time comes :-)

Today I'm featuring one of my favorite You Tube make up gurus. Her name is Dolapo but she's known as SongBirdDiva4Life. See how she recreated the look of her wedding day. Enjoy :-)


Monday, October 11, 2010


After interviewing Christina for her Wedding Wednesday feature, I wanted to know more about her story. I saw how God beautifully orchestrated she and her husband, Byron's lives to bring them together. It was very apparent that He had a specific purpose for them in mind. I believe that is an important component to know when considering marriage. Read Byron and Christina's story, see how God worked in their lives to prepare them for each other, and see what they believe God's purpose is for them.

Byron & Christina Jones
Married: June 21, 2008
A helpful scripture they use: Ephesians 5:33

How did you know Christina was the one for you?
Byron: I knew that Christina was the one on our first "official" date. She just had a presence about her that was....different than the other women I had dated. She was quiet, and humble, and beautiful. And her spirit was infectious.

What made you say yes?
Christina: I said yes because a "yes" had been on my heart for a while. I had been praying about our relationship from the beginning, praying that God would show me if this was the man for me. I think I received my confirmation before Byron was even thinking about asking, lol!

You mentioned in your previous interview that you were going
through a series of events that had you at a low point. Can you share what you
were going through that had you at that point? How did wanting to know the love
of God before wanting to know the love of a man, help you to know what real love
Christina: About 2 years before I met Byron, I was in a long term relationship that just kind of ...dissolved, into nothing. By no means was it a good relationship, but when he got engaged and announced his fiance's pregnancy VERY shortly after he broke up with me, I was a wreck. I placed zero value on myself, and on my body. I was giving myself to anyone who showed even the slightest interest, with no regard for my health or safety. It was a bit of a turning point for me when my best friend of 7 years came to me and said "Christina, I don't like you very much right now. And I don't think you like yourself either." That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. It forced me to do some self reflection, and realize that I needed a breakthrough, in the worst way. That's when I turned to God.

Seeking the love of God made me see the good in me, and I began to love myself again. It also helped me to see and feel that agape, unconditional love that is VERY neccesary for a relationship to work. It's easy to (eros)love someone who is always "acting right", in agreement with you, and faultless. But if you're marrying someone who isn't Jesus (perfect) there's going to be a need for a stronger love, that can overcome those flaws, the unconditional love that I believe can only be gained through a relationship with God.

Were you thinking/praying about marriage before you met Christina?
Byron: I had actually been engaged before, we ended it about a year before I met Christina. Another engagement/marriage anytime soon was pretty much the last thing on my mind. But God laughs at our plans, right?

Your story stood out to me because I could see how God orchestrated
the events in your life that brought you together. What purpose do you think God
has for you as a couple?

Both: We hope that we can be an example of a healthy, happy, Godly marriage. Especially to our daughter, and future children. We want to show her what a healthy relationship looks like, and show her the value of keeping God in your marriage. Our desire is that because of what she sees in us, she won't make some of the same mistakes we did, and in turn, pass that down to her children, and her children's children. It only takes a ripple to start a wave, and we believe that God intends our marriage to be the ripple that can start a wave of unbroken families, and Christ-centered homes, for our generation.

The happy family: Byron and Christina with their beautiful daugther, Isabella. Check out Christina's blog Being Mrs. Jones


Friday, October 8, 2010


Hello everyone. Happy Friday to you all. Just stopping by to wish you a happy and safe weekend. My mother is doing well, progressing day by day. I am grateful to God for her steady recovery.

Here is what's coming up on Chronicles: You don't want to miss the marriage feature coming up on Monday of Byron and Christina. Their wedding was featured as a part of Wedding Wednesday on the blog. Stay tuned for their wonderful love story as they share their journey and what they see as God's purpose for them.

I see I have some new subscribers to the blog. Hello to you all. Hello to all of my wonderful subscribers. You are appreciated.

God Bless. Have a great weekend.