Friday, August 20, 2010


I often think about what my married last name will be. Not only that, I have this "thing" where I want my last name to "flow" with my first name (random I know). Like, what last name will "flow" with Audrey? Here are a few last names that I find particularly interesting:

Anderson, Carter, Walker, Smith, and as of late, Moore, Allen and Jones.

Of course I won't know what my last name will be until I meet him. It's just a Future Wife thing I do quite often lol. Just thought I'd share.

Is there something you think about regarding your future husband? Feel free to share. I'd love to know.

The Future Wife,


  1. You know my husband's name made the list. LOL It's a really common name. It flows with first name. None the less, I kept my name. Why? Short answer would be because I wanted to. I think it's great either way (take the name or keep the maiden).

  2. I DEFINITELY understand where you are coming from because I do the same thing too! I sometimes even take it a step further and practice "signing" my signature with possible last names to see how the overall signature would look on paper....SHENINA___________, SHENINA__________, SHENINA__________!!! LOL! Some may call it crazy, but I just say its "practice"!!! Lol..

  3. @Ms. Understood: lol I had to read your response twice to understand that you kept your maiden name after marriage.

    @Shenina: Hey girly. Thank you for your response. I like your take on it: "it's practice" :-)

  4. I dreamed of many last names that I thought sounded good with my first name. *lol* My husband's last name was not on that list. Hubby has a super common last name. I loved my maiden name and didn't care so much for his last name. He didn't care so long as we got married. I use my maiden for business/work and his for everything legal.

  5. @mrstdj: I've teetered between using my maiden name for my work, as a pen name (I plan on writing lots of books one day) and using my married name for everything else.I think it might work :-) Thanks for stopping by :-)