Thursday, August 5, 2010


These are a few things that have been popping up on my time line on Twitter. And since I value words, believe that God hears my heart, and uses things that He knows what will get my attention, all these things struck a major chord with me.

I believe that I am in the "any day now" phase of meeting my future husband. And it means literally what it says: I can meet my future husband any day now. I believe that I am down to the wire, but I will admit, my emotions have been "wired".

Have you ever been at a point of waiting or expecting and you know that you know that you know something is about to happen but for whatever reason it hasn't manifested and you have no idea why? Well, that's where I've been. And I've been asking God, "Ok, what am I supposed to get out of this?"

Enter the tweets...

Here is what I gather: God wants me to know that the man of my dreams will be worth the wait. And, as of today,He's impressed upon my heart, "Audrey, will you be ready for what I'm about to give you?" And after that sank in, it became a statement, a declaration even: "I have to be ready for what God is about to give me."

And as of just a few minutes ago He reminded me: "I want you to know what I'm about to give you comes from ME." God has to get the glory for all of this.

I didn't think I'd have anything else to share until next week but I had to get on and post this. It was too powerful not to.

Until next week (I think lol)

The Future Wife,

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  1. I just love it when you hear the Lord speaking to you. He DOES have the right man for you. You will be blessed beyond measure. Be patient and wait on Him. In the mean time... ENJOY

    Anne @