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I couldn't wait to share this story with you. I wasn't through the first paragraph before I found myself writing to Christina telling her how beautiful her story was. She shares her story (below) in her own words.

Byron and I met in April of 2007, on Facebook, of all places! We actually grew up about 30 minutes away from each other, but never met until we were adults, and had moved away from home.

At the time that we met, I had been through a series of events that had me at a very low point. I had no idea what "real" love was supposed to be like. Even though I didn't really have a relationship with God at the time, I knew who he was, and I knew about his love. I decided that the love of Christ was the only love I wanted from ANY man. About a month after that realization, Byron facebooked me, and it was something about computers, I can't remember exactly what. I do know that there was never an intention of dating, let alone marriage, on either of our parts, but we started talking daily after that.

On the night of his college graduation, he and a friend drove 2 hours to come and meet me (and a couple of friends, he may have been psycho, lol) in person for the first time. We've been pretty inseparable ever since. It was a bit of a whirlwind relationship, I'll admit, but this man wasn't trying to take me to the club, or back to his place. He wanted me to come to church with him. And wow, what a church it was! My husband introduced me to a place of worship where I actually felt like I was growing closer to Christ. He put me in line with a pastor who doesn't preach current events. He preaches the word of God, in a clear, concise, relatable way, and he challenges us to live up to the example of Christ, especially in our marriages. I accepted Christ in October of 2007.

Byron proposed to me in December of 2007, after 6 months of dating. We married on June 21, 2008, at New Hope Baptist Church. On that day, we vowed to keep Christ as the center of our marriage, and to not falter from that. Some days, some arguments, it's easy to overlook that, but inevitably, something happens to remind us of that promise that we made. The promise reminds us of God's plan for marriage, and it brings us back to where we are supposed to be. We pray daily, not only for each other, but for our marriage, and for God's continued presence in it. I firmly believe that this diligence keeps our marriage protected, and strong.

Wedding Photo Credit: Sam and Elizabeth Pervis, Catchlight Photography
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  1. Absolutely beautiful story. Your were a beautiful bride. And Internet hook ups are the best. LOL!!!