Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A couple days ago, I listed a few things on Twitter that I considered "wrong reasons" for wanting to get married....

If you want to get married because you're almost 30 #wrongreason If you want to get married because your biological clock is ticking #wrongreason
If you want to get married because all of your friends are married #wrongreason
If you want get married because you think the wedding is the marriage #wrongreason

At some point during your single walk, you should do a heart check (a valuable tool that I learned early in my walk). Not only should we know that our desires are in line with the will of God, but our motives behind our desires should be checked as well. We can get dressed to the nines, make ourselves "available" to attract a man, and do all the superficial things we think will snag a husband but if our hearts are in the wrong place, none of that stuff matters. We should be mindful that even concerning marriage, God looks at our hearts (1 Sam. :16:7) and so should we.

Today's QOTD: Why do you really want to get married?

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