Sunday, March 8, 2015


Hello everyone :-) I didn't want too much time to pass without updating you about the blog. As you know, Chronicles will be returning March 16, 2015. I'm really happy to be returning :-) I've been thinking about how I want to run Chronicles this time around. Here are a few things:

First and foremost, I've decided to make this a weekly blog. One of the things that I didn't do before was give myself enough time to prepare my posts. This time I will and it will give me enough time to post content that I want to share with you.

Second, I'm taking Chronicles one post at a time (this is more for me than you lol). I have such a big vision for Chronicles and I get ahead of myself sometimes (another thing that I learned previously). I see Chronicles being more than "just" a blog, but becoming something greater. I have to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day ;-)

Third, I'm excited about the new features that I will be sharing on the blog. I'm working behind the scene to get them prepared to post. I'm happy that I get to highlight stories that will further encourage you in your daily walk as a Christian, single woman, and future wife. 

Lastly, I really appreciate all of you for continuing to support Chronicles even during my absence. Your words, after I posted here and here, by email,  or on Twitter, encouraged me more than you know. Thank you :-) 

I really look forward to returning to Chronicles. Mark your calendars ;-)

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