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Not long ago, a cute photo of a couple popped up in my news feed on Instagram. The photo showed the bottom half of a couple standing back to back, holding hands. Him, in red pants. Her, in a cute, black tulle skirt. Both of them were wearing, what I thought was the bonus touch: Converse. I clicked on the photo to see if it would lead me to more photos from the wonderful shoot.

I ended up on the Instagram page of Kwinetta. My intent was to see more photos from her engagement shoot, but what I found was a beautiful love story and proposal of her and her fiance', Brandon. I had to get them on Chronicles.

Today, I'm happy to share with you the first proposal story on Chronicles. The story will be shared by Future Wife, Kwinetta Murray. See the beautiful love story of the future Mr. and Mrs. Moore.

Date of Proposal: September 20, 2014
Wedding Date: September 26, 2015
Wedding Location: Savannah, GA
Wedding website: www.themooremovement.com 
Social media links: @isingsoprano @thepurposeboy
Wedding hash tag: #TheMooreMovement


Kwinetta & Brandon

How did your fiancé propose? 
At my 26th birthday party, my fiance, walked up to the front of the church and said he was going to present me with my gift. He had a lovely movie made, which I assumed was the gift. The movie consisted of various pictures from our relationship and special moments with friends. The movie also had expressions of how much he loved me, along with special birthday greetings from my out of town friends who were unable to attend the event. After the movie ended, he told me that he loved me very much and asked me to be his wife.

Did you know that a proposal was coming? 
Yes, but not then. I actually thought my big proposal was going to be Valentine’s Day 2016.

What was your reaction?
I was surprised, but I did not act the way I had always imagined I would act if I was ever proposed to. I just was in complete shock, and I could not believe that it was actually happening.

How did you celebrate the proposal that day/night?
I went to the hotel with my good friend, Monique and went to bed. I looked through all of my celebratory and congratulatory messages on Facebook and smiled.

How did you share the news with friends and family?
All of my friends and family were present at the proposal, thanks to my loving fiancé.

Did you/will you be having an engagement party? 

What did you love the most about your proposal?
I loved the fact that it was public. Brandon had me convinced that he would want to propose to me in a more intimate setting. The reason I enjoyed the public proposal was because I was able to share this moment with my friend and family.

Was your proposal everything you dreamed it would be?
Indeed, it was. Brandon is so amazing, and I am so honored to be his fiancé’. I am so in love with him. 


Photo Credit: Kwinetta Murray, Milanes Photography, Ariel Perry

Stay tuned for Moore: Kwinetta will be featured again tomorrow in the Future Wife series. Brandon will be featured on Thursday in the Future Husband series.

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