Friday, December 10, 2010


Hello Ladies and Happy Friday to you. I thought I'd send you into the weekend with another page out of my online journal. This entry was written August 27, 2008. This particular entry is still an encouragement to me because I could actually articulate matter-of-factly what I wanted in a husband. I couldn't do that before. I hope the entry encourages you. Why not take some time this weekend and write down what you're looking for in your husband? It helps :-)

So, a lot of stuff has been going through my head since I started this ring worthy journey. I've really been contemplating what I expect from a man now. I mean, I've always had expectations, but these are requirements now as opposed to them being options. I'm such a giver in my relationships. Never expecting anything in return. But now I see that a true, bona fide, solid relationship is a give-give situation where both parties seek the best interest of the other. Selfishness and love can not co-exist. So with that in mind, here is where I am now: I KNOW WHAT I WANT. And (saying to myself again) these are requirements now as opposed to options. I'm going to list a few things here and as I go on in the J, I'll give a break down or elaborate a little more on them. I'm also going to elaborate on some things from my end too because it's a two way street. So here goes...

He has to love the Lord. I don't mean just go to church. I mean he has to have a heart for God.

I have to see in him that Divine love that I'm used to receiving from God and my father.

He has to be able to take care of me

I have to feel safe enough to trust him with my life.

I have to look at him and see husband, not just some fella that I'm dating.

ETA: He has to know how to fight. I don't mean physically. He has to know how to fight the enemy.

Honestly, I think those are probably the core things that I'm looking for right now, or should I say, expect. I'm going to elaborate on those points a bit more later but just wanted to share what's been on my heart as of late. Thanks for listenin'.

Have a great weekend ladies.


  1. These are great qualities to look for. You also want to ask yourself do you have the same qualities. A husband and wife need to complement each other. Love your blog :)

  2. I wish I would have done this before I was married. Maybe I wouldn't be divorced now. One good thing from my divorce is that I now know what I want.

    Unfortunately, I'll probably be single for awhile because I refuse to settle but that's okay. I'll be much happier than if I settled.