Monday, December 13, 2010


Written August 28, 2008...

The one thing that struck me tonight other than Obama's powerful speech, was the woman who was there supporting him--our future First Lady--Michelle Obama. I watched as she applauded her husband and looked at him with an intensity with every word he spoke. I watched as she watched over little Malia and Sasha, further showing her duties as the future president's wife. Then it struck me: Michelle Obama was chosen and designed specifically for Barack Obama. Not just to be his wife or the mother of his children. But she was chosen as the woman who would and could stand beside him as the first Black president of the United States of America. She was designed to be a part of his future. This revelation echoed what I've been thinking as far as getting married and being with the man that God has specifically designed for me, and who I will be to him.

I firmly believe that God puts two people together with an intent and specific purpose. And I think that is a question that all single people should ask themselves when contemplating a future mate. Not just, "Do we like the same things?" or "Are we both headed in the same direction career wise, family wise, spiritually, etc.." But, "How does this person fit into the future, plan and purpose that God has for my life?" And vice versa.

My Ring Worthy thought of the day is this: The man that God has chosen for me will be in my life for a reason and I, him. As far as I'm concerned, I know that I will be in ministry one day. I know that my life is going to be led a little differently. My schedule may be a little more hectic than usual and I need someone who is equipped to handle that and is secure in that. I feel that my greatest role will be to be his greatest supporter, wife, lover and friend. I need someone who is not and won't be intimidated by all that God has for me. But is there to encourage me and walk with me through it all.

So as I'm contemplating things on this Ring Worthy journey, my greatest expectation is to bond with one who is in direct connection to my future and I, his. There is a purpose for marriage. A purpose for two people who God has designed specifically for each other. Before I say "I do", I have to know that we fit the purpose and plan that God has for us together.

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