Friday, December 24, 2010


Hello Ladies...Merry Christmas Eve :-) Just wanted to wish you all a happy and safe holiday weekend. I'll be enjoying my weekend with my family and visiting my mom who is still recovering from a lung transplant. I'm so very thankful for the miracle that God has worked in her life. My family and I are going to make the best of this holiday by bringing Christmas to her (can't wait) :-)

And to you, my fabulous Future Wives: You all have been a gift to me. Thank you all for genuinely supporting me here, on Twitter, in emails, and on Facebook. I have a big vision for this blog (part of it is turning it into more than a blog). With your continued help and support I can do that. Feel free to send any ideas, questions, or whatever is on your mind to Thank you again for your support.

Finally, this week I asked a question to the wives who subscribe to me on Twitter and said I would share their responses on the blog today. The question was, "#Wives: How do you and your husband decide where to spend the holidays? How do you decide who to visit first?"

@sabrina_jackson responded: "GM!! My husband and I decide which to go to first by who gets together the earliest, which is always my family. It works out great because my family serves dinner first so we go there and hang then my hubby's family second."

And a response from @CherishSingers that made me chuckle: "who ever cries or gives best emotional blackmail...we go there! Simple!"

Thanks ladies for your responses. Us single ladies like to get the "inside scoop" on marriage :-) Wives who subscribe to the blog: How do you and your husband decide where to spend the holidays?

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone. Celebrate the gift of Jesus.

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