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One of the things I love about engagement photos is that they capture the essence of the relationship that exists between the soon-to-be husband and wife. This sentiment definitely holds true of today's couple, IB and Mike. I met IB on a site called Chocolate Brides and got a chance to see her love story unfold literally from beginning to end. Everything that you see in the images is descriptive of the now happily married Inyangs (their wedding will be featured very soon). They are happy, have fun, very proud of their heritage and are crazy in love. See for yourself.

Michael Inyang and Ibiene Inyang
Engaged: Traditionally (Dec 12, 2009), with the ring December 24, 2009

Where were your pictures taken?
[Our]pictures were taken in three places in Sugarland, TX (Houston suburb), First Colony Mall Town Center (white and jeans), Oyster Creek Park (Dressy). And then our traditional pics were taken at some water and stone feature along HWY 6 lol

Did you have a particular theme in mind?
There was no theme, just a reflection of our love and goofiness. The only thing I wanted for sure was some in the red phone booth. Mike was born in London and I love anything with a punch of color. So when I saw that booth in front of a pub, I knew for sure I wanted that in our shoot.

How would you describe your photo shoot (fun, upbeat, etc...)?
Our photo shoot was definitely Crazy in Love. Mike made me laugh from the moment I met him…literally the first night before we said our goodbyes. Our follow up phone conversations had him dying at some of my crazy shenanigans. Our shoot reflected that. From our “sexy pose” to him carrying me to climb a wall to him making me almost fall. We are crazy together and crazy for each other.

Who styled you for your shoot?
I styled myself and Mike styled himself. We both have a pretty good sense of style and just went for it.

What did you like about your photographer?
He didn’t take himself seriously and so he let me ask for crazy stuff and would just capture our moments.

What time of day was your shoot?
Early in the morning (@9-11). It was in May and Texas is HOT!

What tips would you give to someone who is interested in taking engagement photos (i.e. scheduling the appointment, helpful questions to ask the photographer, if it's outdoors ?)
Have a general idea in mind, but go with the flo. If there is a prop or theme, let it be known but not central. You will miss out on expressing yourselves and get stuck trying to fulfill your theme.

Who was your photographer?
Muyiwa at ForeverDay Photos

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