Friday, July 15, 2011


Here's a recap of some of my recent tweets. Part 2 to follow.


#futurewifethought If you believe there aren't any good men out there why should God bless you with one?

That previous tweet has been on my mind lately. I've seen women complaining about men yet still want to be blessed with good man. #confused

How can you want something and don't even believe it's possible to get it?

A mistake I think a lot of single women are making is that they're placing a lot of hope in MEN, as if they are the final authority

Ladies: Place your trust in God if you have a desire to be married. A lot of you are getting disappointed because you're relying on mere men, who need God themselves, to be the "answer" that you're looking for.

Ladies: You want a man who's seeking God about a wife, not relying on his feelings, emotions or how you look

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