Thursday, May 5, 2011


I thought this idea from Faithful Bloggers was really good. Courtney, the blog's author has started posting Faithful Blogging Prompts every Monday to help bloggers who are looking for ideas to post. I'm going to get in on the fun :-) I'm giving it a try tonight, answering the first blog prompt (she's posted six so far so I will be playing catch up).

The question is: What is your favorite Christian song and why?

My favorite Christian song is I Do Worship by Pastor John P. Kee, who happens to be my favorite gospel artist. The words of the song are so powerful and I can do nothing but give God praise when I hear it. How can you not praise Him when you hear, "For your goodness and your glory/for the joy inside your story/for the peace you gave to me/for the day you set me free/I do worship you". I can't fully express what this songs means to me other than it draws me closer to God every time I hear it. 

Listen to the song in its entirety here.

Pastor John P. Kee