Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello Ladies. *GASP* I haven't posted in 10 days. I've had a very eventful, busy week. I have some down time now and can finally get over here to do a post. Below is some food for thought that I shared on Twitter last week. I'm posting them for my readers here as well. Praying that they are helpful to you. I'll have more a little later.

#singleladies If you're waiting on God for your husband, what are you DOING while you wait? #findyourpurpose and #walkinit

#singleladies Prioritize: Serve God, work on yourself, find your purpose, walk in it, allow God to bless you with your mate.

I say this a lot because I truly believe it: God doesn't need your help finding your mate. All He needs you to do is trust Him.

Trusting God means releasing control and submitting your love life to Him. We're finite. He's not. He knows. We don't.

I dare you to trust God in your singleness and with your future mate. There's such a reward in doing things God's way.

If we had it like that and knew how to "find" our mates, then why the countless break ups and heartaches? Why the casual dating to see if a person is "the one"?

#singleladytip God isn't obligated to bless anything we do in our own power, that includes finding a mate.

My hope and prayer is that single ladies who are serious about getting married realize the importance of ACTIVELY placing God at the head of their lives, instead of placing a man at the head of their lives.

I used to think the relationship issues of the single woman of today was that she was broken, came from a fatherless home, etc. And while those things are true, I believe the biggest issue of the single woman professing to be a Christian is that she's trying to live a godly life by a worldly standard and that will not work.

Don't allow the devil to convince you any longer that you can live for God and live for the world. That's a bold faced lie.

Just don't want single ladies to be blinded anymore, especially those who have a sincere desire to be married.


  1. Thanks so much for reposting the tweets and for sharing what God has put on your heart. He has certainly called me to share His word with other single women (wives in waiting as I call them) and it is so refreshing to see other women sharing some positive words as well. Love it and be blessed!


  2. These are some great tweets. Thanks for sharing...God bless!