Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My friend and I had a wonderful conversation the other day about the direction our single lives were taking. There was a specific part of our conversation that took over the entire conversation. Her main concern was at this point in our single walk, what were we waiting for?

We couldn't think of anything.

There was a moment's pause after going over all of the things we've both done in our single lives. Then God, in His infinite wisdom, turned the light bulb on for the both of us. He had me share one of the things He revealed to me recently about waiting for my husband. That is, in order to know what you're waiting for, you have to know what you're waiting on.

That struck a major cord!

The general idea for most single women is "I'm waiting for God to send me a husband". Well that could be anybody right? I mean, you are waiting for a husband, but more importantly, you're waiting on your husband, a man that God has carved out specifically for you.

Then my friend shared how a co-worker of hers wrote down the things she wanted in a husband. She said when her co-worker met her husband, he was everything she'd written down and far exceeded it.

We decided to do the same thing.

We didn't write out the infamous "list" that so many single women have done. These "lists" tend to be superficial and unrealistic. No, we wrote the things that we truly desired, both personal and spiritual. For example, one of the qualities that I want in my husband is that he introduces me to new things. Spiritually, one of the things I desire is that my husband and I grow together.

After my friend and I finished writing down the qualities, we knew that what we desired was from God. Her desires are different from mine and in some areas they are the same. But we know that the things we desire in our future husbands are specific to our hearts.

What are some things that you desire in your husband? Get out some paper and a pen. Write out the things that your heart truly desires both personally and spiritually. And don't think what you desire is too quirky or frivolous (as I did when I started). Those are going to be the things that are specific to your heart and what will help you identify your husband when he comes into your life.

Remember: in order for you to know what you're waiting for, you have to know what you're waiting on.

I'd love to hear some of the things you desire in your husband. (Note: There are some things that you should keep personal because it's between you and God). Whatever you feel comfortable with sharing, please share.


The Future Wife,

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  1. One of the things I desired was a husband who would challenge me to grow, and learn, and do. Someone who wouldnt let me give up on things just because they got difficult, or because I didnt believe I was able to do it.