Thursday, July 8, 2010


Good Afternoon :-) How are you today? Part of me revamping the blog is sharing some of my former posts that are relevant to Chronicles. One of those posts (and one of my favorites) is the one below {"The Future Wife Defined"}. I wrote it at a time when I had finally grasped what a future wife really is. I figured it was worth reposting :-)

God Bless.

The Future Wife,

Sooo what exactly is a future wife? Well, I define it as a woman who has a God-given desire to be married, has lived out the portion of her single life according to 1 Cor. 7:34, and is in the position to receive the man that God has for her.

The term "future wife" is also a double entendre. Some women are future wives in the sense that she's in the first stages of singleness and meeting God's perfect choice for her is in the distant future (as she needs to prepared on a personal level and prepared for her mate as well). The second is what I defined above.

In any case, a future wife is a future wife no matter what stage of her walk she's in.

So how do you know if you're a future wife? The biggest factor is that you have a God-given desire to be married (Note: All women don't have this desire). Your desire is bigger than a wedding, bigger than a ring, bigger than the fantasy of someone riding in on a white horse, sweeping you off your feet. But it's the desire to be a true helpmate as Eve was to Adam.

Here are my thoughts on future wife status:
  • Every woman is not a wife. It takes more than being a woman to be a wife.
  • A wife is a wife before she walks down the aisle (this is where desire and preparation come in to play)
  • A man that has a God given desire to be married is looking for a wife, not just a woman. And vice versa. A woman with a God given desire to be married is waiting on a husband, not just a man.
  • Being a wife is something that's in your heart. It's not just a status symbol or a label you wear.
  • You have to be single before you're married (have you kissed dating goodbye?) God is not going to put anything/anyone in your life that has the potential to come before Him. Your relationship with anyone starts with Him. {I will expound more on kissing dating goodbye}.
  • Every woman who has a desire to be married DESERVES to give herself a chance to be married.
I've found these qualities to resonate with me as I've been on my journey, or things that I've pondered or realized as I've grown in my singleness.
Feel free to share your thoughts on this post. Are you in the first stages of living out your single life? Have you made the decision to give yourself a chance to be married? Are you waiting with expectation on your husband? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

That's all I have for now.


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