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The colors of Tsahai's wedding are what got me. The springy green and yellow were so bold, bright and pretty, so of course since I only feature fabulousness on the blog (*smile*) I had to get her wedding on Chronicles. Plus, we are in the Easter season which makes the Green's wedding even more timely. Get an inside look on how Tsahai celebrated her big day.

Tsahai &Earl Green
April 12, 2009 (Easter Sunday)
Hillcrest Golf & Country Club in Hollywood, Florida

How did you meet your husband? Earl and I used to work together at call center in Miami, FL. For about a year and a half, we had a "Hi and Bye" type of relationship in which we basically only said hello when we passed each other in the hallway. Of courese there were times in which we held some type of conversation, but it was nothing extensive. He appeared to me like a very nice, friendly guy that everyone liked and knew. However, I would never have imagined what was about to unfold. In December of 2005, thanks to the wonderful world of technology (myspace and AOL instant messenger), we unexpectedly took our relationship to another level and have been building it ever since!

How did he propose? It was a regular Saturday (or so it seemed) and Earl and I were sitting in church. My father (the pastor of our church) was about to close the service when Earl said he’d be right back. I asked him if he couldn’t wait being that the service was about to end, but he made a face and said his stomach was hurting. So my father prayed to close the service and even after he was finished praying, I was still looking down - I was reading the program for that day. My father then said that we had one more announcement. I didn’t look up immediately, but when I finally did.. I saw Earl on stage and a bunch of cameras in my face. When I realized what was about to take place, I immediately started crying. I went on stage and sat in the chair that Earl brought up for me to sit on. Before he could go on, I had to try and compose myself, I was in complete shock. Earl then nervously read the poem he had written for me. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I excitedly said "Of course!". There was not a dry eye in the place. It was so beautiful!!

Describe the overall theme of your wedding.We didnt have a particular theme, however our colors were green (for obvious reasons) and yellow (which we thought complemented the green very well!)

How much time did you have to plan? We got engaged in March of 2008 and got married in April of 2009. However, even before we got engaged, we talked about what we wanted "our day" to be like. So, I would say about a year and a half.

Were there any stressful moments during planning? If so, how did you handle them? Lol, but of course! I am not one to worry about things because I know things always work out. However, stress is inevitable, especially when planning a wedding. [Tsahai shares her stressful moments below]

The Guest List
One of the most stressful things for me was the guest list. When Earl and I originally did our guest list we had so many people on the list, but wanted to cut it down to 150 people. It was really hard deciding who to invite because we wanted to invite EVERYONE! We went over that list numerous times until we finally skimmed it down to 150 people. That was stressful because we didnt want to hurt anyone's feelings and because we just wanted to share the moment with ALL of our loved ones. Nonetheless, we eventually decided/realized that we had to do what was best for us and that most people would understand our decisions.

The Dress
On the Friday before our (Sunday) wedding, my friend and I went to pick up my dress. When we left the bridal shop, apparently the hook that was holding the train of the dress up unhooked and I was dragging my dress on the ground. I didn't realize it until I got to the car, so I dont even know how long it was dragging for. Of course, the train of my dress was very dirty! :( We ran back inside the bridal shop to see if they could help me. They tried to steam clean it, but they werent having much success. They suggested that I go to the cleaner's. I started to worry a little because I had to be at my final wedding rehearsal in about an hour and I didn't want to be late. Lol, shouldn't I have been worried about the ditry dress? Well, for some reason, I didnt feel like it was the end of the world. My friend offered her suggestions on how we could clean it ourselves, but I didnt want to take any chances (Thanks Juanita!). Luckily, my dad had someone he could refer me to, to get the dress cleaned. I went to that dry cleaner's shop and once I got there I realized that an accident had taken place - someone drove right through the front of the dry cleaner's shop. I think I started to get a little stressed at this point. I thought, "Oh great!". Anyway, I was able to talk to the owner and explain my dilemma to him. Although he didn't seem to be paying much attention to me, due to the accident that just took place, he came through for me. I was able to pick my dress up on Saturday evening and it was perfect! By the way, I did make it to my rehearsal on time.

What was your favorite part of the wedding? My favorite part of the wedding was the bridal party's walk and the reception! My bridal party did a special non-traditional walk that required a lot of practice (Thanks Charline). I was a little nervous about it because even at our last rehearsal, I wasn't sure that everyone was ready for the wedding day. However, my bridal party impressed me as they did an awesome job! It was so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.I absolutely loved the reception!! I love to dance and have fun, so this part of the wedding was really special for me. It was also important to us that other people enjoyed themselves and that surely did happen! People who I didn't expect to see on the dance floor even showed off their moves.

What special/memorable touches did you add for your ceremony? One special thing that I added to my ceremony was a solo that I performed, that my husband had no idea about. It was a total surprise to him and the look on his face when he realized what was happening was priceless. I sang "So Amazing" by Luther Vandross.

Photography Credit: Winston Delawar Photography

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