Monday, March 7, 2011


Of all the subjects that I thought of as a first post for Chronicles' return, not only was that the last thing I would have thought of, but it turns out that it was the most honest. I thought I would have a laundry list of things to think about as far as the blog was concerned while I was away but I didn't. That one thought is what I believe God wanted me to be honest with myself about as I go on to what I think is the next "phase" of the blog: I really want Chronicles to help.

I have some new things coming up for the blog such as a new look, new features, and I'm working on some other things (I will do a break down of those things in a separate post). I will also be updating you on what's been going on with me as well. But for now I wanted to reopen with what was truly on my heart: I hope the blog is helping.

So, Chronicles is officially back. Thanks to all of you who have continued to tweet, send encouraging words, and subscribe even while I was away. I really appreciate it. More posts coming soon :-)


  1. Welcome back! I just wanted to comment and let you know that this blog is truly a blessing to any woman with the desire to get married. God placed me in a season of preparation late last year and I was starting to wonder if it truly was God or just me. Somehow He led me to your blog and every post honestly spoke to my heart. The personal thoughts, revelations and ideas that you shared mirrored many of my own. I knew He was just confirming what I had already felt. He really does put women in a season of preparation so that we can become the Godly help mates that He intended for us to be.

    Keep sharing this valuable information because it is blessing women!

  2. @Frances: Thank you :-) And thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Knowing that Chronicles is working in the lives of single women, blesses me and I'm thankful to God for it. Thank you again. There's more to come :-)