Friday, March 11, 2011


Hello and Happy Friday :-) I thought I'd end the week by updating you on the blog (this was the post I was supposed to be sharing before I was Sidetracked by Gorgeousness the other day lol). So without further ado...

Coming Up on Chronicles
ENGAGED: (Michelle Jones to Donnie Smith) -This Tuesday, see Chronicles' first Future Wife feature of 2011. You'll love it.

New to Chronicles
Open Letters and Real Talk- While I was away I posed a few questions on Twitter and Facebook to Future Wives and Wives. I asked them to share their stories and open and honest opinions about the single and married lives. I received some great responses. For the ladies who didn't mind their stories or opinions being shared, I will be posting them as a part of a new feature on the blog. I will continue to pose questions because not only do I want to hear your stories, experiences, etc... but I believe what you share will help someone else.

Question or Quote of the Day- I'll be posing QOTD from myself and (if you have anything to share) from you as well. Again, I believe your responses will help someone and will encourage interaction. The other QOTD will be quotes that I think will be encouraging, uplifting, and will provoke thought.

Men Speak Week: The Future Husband and Husband Edition- I'm really excited about this. Just as I believe it's important for us to hear from wives to give us the real deal about marriage, it's also important for us to hear from fellow brothers in Christ who are walking the single walk and brothers in Christ who are husbands. Stay tuned for some great features.

Giveaways- Yes, Chronicles will be having its first giveaway really soon (two giveaways are in queue at the moment. Hopefully there will be more.)

The Future Wife- That's what the blog is all about, right? Well, mostly about lol. I feel like I need to do better in personalizing my journey so I am :-)

A Staple on Chronicles
Wedding Wednesday- I will continue to feature fabulous weddings or wedding-related things on the blog. A girl's gotta dream, right? :-)

Future Wife Features- Look out for more fabulous Future Wife features (one of my favorite parts of the blog)

Wife Features- Ditto for this :-)

Marriage Features- Double ditto for this :-)

Have a fabulous and safe weekend. God Bless.

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