Monday, October 11, 2010


After interviewing Christina for her Wedding Wednesday feature, I wanted to know more about her story. I saw how God beautifully orchestrated she and her husband, Byron's lives to bring them together. It was very apparent that He had a specific purpose for them in mind. I believe that is an important component to know when considering marriage. Read Byron and Christina's story, see how God worked in their lives to prepare them for each other, and see what they believe God's purpose is for them.

Byron & Christina Jones
Married: June 21, 2008
A helpful scripture they use: Ephesians 5:33

How did you know Christina was the one for you?
Byron: I knew that Christina was the one on our first "official" date. She just had a presence about her that was....different than the other women I had dated. She was quiet, and humble, and beautiful. And her spirit was infectious.

What made you say yes?
Christina: I said yes because a "yes" had been on my heart for a while. I had been praying about our relationship from the beginning, praying that God would show me if this was the man for me. I think I received my confirmation before Byron was even thinking about asking, lol!

You mentioned in your previous interview that you were going
through a series of events that had you at a low point. Can you share what you
were going through that had you at that point? How did wanting to know the love
of God before wanting to know the love of a man, help you to know what real love
Christina: About 2 years before I met Byron, I was in a long term relationship that just kind of ...dissolved, into nothing. By no means was it a good relationship, but when he got engaged and announced his fiance's pregnancy VERY shortly after he broke up with me, I was a wreck. I placed zero value on myself, and on my body. I was giving myself to anyone who showed even the slightest interest, with no regard for my health or safety. It was a bit of a turning point for me when my best friend of 7 years came to me and said "Christina, I don't like you very much right now. And I don't think you like yourself either." That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. It forced me to do some self reflection, and realize that I needed a breakthrough, in the worst way. That's when I turned to God.

Seeking the love of God made me see the good in me, and I began to love myself again. It also helped me to see and feel that agape, unconditional love that is VERY neccesary for a relationship to work. It's easy to (eros)love someone who is always "acting right", in agreement with you, and faultless. But if you're marrying someone who isn't Jesus (perfect) there's going to be a need for a stronger love, that can overcome those flaws, the unconditional love that I believe can only be gained through a relationship with God.

Were you thinking/praying about marriage before you met Christina?
Byron: I had actually been engaged before, we ended it about a year before I met Christina. Another engagement/marriage anytime soon was pretty much the last thing on my mind. But God laughs at our plans, right?

Your story stood out to me because I could see how God orchestrated
the events in your life that brought you together. What purpose do you think God
has for you as a couple?

Both: We hope that we can be an example of a healthy, happy, Godly marriage. Especially to our daughter, and future children. We want to show her what a healthy relationship looks like, and show her the value of keeping God in your marriage. Our desire is that because of what she sees in us, she won't make some of the same mistakes we did, and in turn, pass that down to her children, and her children's children. It only takes a ripple to start a wave, and we believe that God intends our marriage to be the ripple that can start a wave of unbroken families, and Christ-centered homes, for our generation.

The happy family: Byron and Christina with their beautiful daugther, Isabella. Check out Christina's blog Being Mrs. Jones



  1. This was such a beautiful interview! It definitely can give others that reassurance that as long as you put God first, He will place you with the right person that He has created for you!

  2. Very awesome interview. I've been following Mrs. Jones blog for some time now and I think she is an amazing woman. I don't know her in person but her material is so original and helpful. I do agree with Surpised Mama that anything can be done through Christ. Their story reminds me of one of my favorite scripture reading: Philippians 4: 6-9. Take care :)

  3. Do you do interviews like this often? I would love to read more like it. This was a great idea! I am very encouraged by reading it, even as a single woman. Thanks!

  4. @Surprised_Mama: Their story really is beautiful. I pray that whoever reads it is encouraged by it :-)

    @Mrs. K: Christina truly is a sweetheart. I wish her and Byron nothing but the best :-)

    @Ashlie: For now, I do interviews as God sends me the couples. Prayerfully I'll be able to do more on a regular basis.

    Thanks ladies for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

  5. I love Christina and her blog. What a beautiful family!!

  6. Your blog is so pretty...I haven't had a chance to read all the post yet, but I'm looking forward to following you. Thank you for being my 200th follower by the way.

    This post was so inspiring, it made me cry.

  7. @Mrs. R: A beautiful family indeed :-)

    @Chymere: Thank you :-) I felt the same way when I read her story the first time. It's a happy tear jerker. Thank you for stopping by. And woo hooo I'm the 200th subscriber *does happy dance* :-)