Tuesday, October 11, 2011


When Lorenzo shared the news of his nuptials on Facebook, I was happy in general because I'm a sucker for love and I was happy for him personally as I've known Lorenzo for a long time (we went to the same high school) and it's always good to see people doing well. I met Aarius via Facebook after congratulating Lorenzo, when he first shared the news about his relationship, then his nuptials. Just meeting her via comments, I could tell that Aarius had a sweet spirit about her. There was something about the new Mr. and Mrs. Jones that I thought was worthy of sharing: they are a sweet, genuine, loving couple, starting a new chapter in their lives after years of knowing one another. Here is their story.

Meet Lorenzo and Aarius Jones.
(Married: August 17, 2011)

How did you meet?
[Aarius] Lorenzo and I met 12 years ago through mutual friends. Then we reconnected 4 years ago and the magic started from there!

Lorenzo: How did you know Aarius was the one for you?
How did I know Aarius was the one.....Well it wasn't her cooking lol. I knew from the first moment she was the one for me when I saw those cute dimples. We had dated a couple years back. I wasn't worthy of her love at that time. I was still a boy. I needed time to grow and be the man I'm suppose to be.So I dated but always finding myself reverting right back to Aarius.She was like no other woman I've dated.She paid attention to the small things.Wherever she could help she would and push me to the limit and held me accountable.She's a woman who doesn't settle for less.She's my favorite person to hang out with.We have so much fun together. Aarius is truly my sole mate.I could write a book and be here for hours telling you how I knew she was the one but to sum it up I couldn't have chosen a better person to share the benefits of life with.Being that she is beautiful is a bonus!!.My kids love her and I love her kids and vice versa.You rarely see that in most familys.So now this time around we put GOD first in everything we do.GOD is love and we love each other unconditionally.

Aarius: How did you know Lorenzo was the one for you?
For me to realize that Lorenzo was the one for me it took several years, a few tears, break-ups and trials before he showed me that there was no other man that I wanted to spend the rest or my life with. Lorenzo is one of the most positive, humble, loving and the list goes on..men that I have ever met. My husband has always been there for me and loved me for ME nothing else in between. When I would feel like I was ready to give up he would always be the strength for both of us to keep going. I could not have asked God for a better husband, father to our children or friend and for that I gave him my heart for eternity.

Lorenzo: You make a great point about needing time to grow and be the man you were supposed to be. How important is it for a man to understand when he's not ready to begin a relationship?
It's very very important for a man to understand when he's not ready to begin a relationship. Men hide their feelings very well. So we find it very easy to be with another woman right after we've broken up with another woman. Trying to fill that void(feelings). But for me it was hard because I'm the type of guy who has to have a woman. I don't like being alone. But I took time to myself and got closer to GOD which made me stronger as a man and showed me the things I was doing wrong. And how to treat a woman and not do or bring the bad habits into my new relationship. And most importantly you have to have a relationship with GOD and LOVE him to truly understand how to treat and love a woman.

Aarius: Did you have to change anything about yourself before making a commitment? If so, what are some of those things?
The one thing that I had to change about myself was my self proclaimed "independence" since I have been a single parent for quite some time I have always been used to doing things on my own without any help. While it's always great to be independent I had to learn to be humbly independent and face humility when necessary as well. At the end of the day a woman should always let her man be just that "the man" I had to learn when to stand up when he needs strength and also humbly take the passenger seat and let him drive too.

Both: You have both described this as a new chapter in your lives. What are some of the "old" things you will leave behind? What new things will you bring?
[Aarius] This is definitely a new chapter in our lives because we have the history and we have been through the good and the bad. I left behind my single, independent life and traded that for a family with a strong husband as our lead. I plan to always be my husbands best friend, lover, and backbone. I truly believe in the saying "you have to go through something to get to something" and I believe we have did that so from here on out the sky is the limit and we now let God guide our path solely!
[Lorenzo] Some of the old things I leave behind is some of my friends (men and women) Sometimes they can be a distraction from you seeing the bigger picture. My family is my top priority. No more stuntin (for now) lol...For the most part everybody knows I was a very flashy guy (on all the scenes) but now i'm a normal guy fitting in. The new things I will bring will be compromise and understanding(communication) without it it's a disaster waiting to happen ,fun..... you have to have it in a healthy relationship and my LOVE it will be shown daily through my daily activities of life.

Both: What advice would you give to a couple who may be going through what you went through, before you officially became a couple? It may be obvious to them that they should be together, but it just may not be the time. What would you say to them as they wait, until God says it's time?
[Lorenzo]What I would tell them is to let go even when its the hardest thing to do.If you truly love each other you'll wait on the each other so you can fully get what you deserve out of a relationship.Once you get a certain age it's all about putting GOD first and letting him lead you in the right direction.You have to have a high level of maturity and and your heart pure and open.For me dating until you find the one is like school prepping you for the real world.You learn the do's and the don'ts.With that being said my wife will always be the happiest woman alive !!! [Aarius] The best advice that I would give to a couple that may be in the same situation that Lo and I were in is to have faith and wait. Don't push it into happening if it is meant to be it will be everything takes time to grow. It is best to truly get to know your partner to be sure they are who you want. Marriage is a vow for a lifetime and they have to be willing to spend it with that individual. It's not always going to be easy but with patience and Gods help they will make it through. Don't rush it let it flow!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I pray God's richest blessings on their union.

  2. This is very nice.. I wish you both the best...