Friday, October 7, 2011


Good Day everyone. Happy Friday and welcome to the end of another week. I hope Monday-Thursday were great days for you (if not, God was still there with you and you still made it through *smile* ) I had a pretty good week. I'm sticking to the much needed schedule I put myself on and am prioritizing things as I should. I'm looking forward to a great weekend.

A few of randoms before I share what's Coming Up on Chronicles...

-I have been sneezing my head off like crazy this week. Why? My dear old allergies and sinuses.
-I've been thinking A LOT about my future husband and where God has me in this season of my life.
-I had a wonderful time tweeting on Wednesday. I hadn't tweeted like that in a while. It was long over due.
-I'm thankful that God has placed some great couples in my life (even if it's via FB, Twitter, a blog) who are not only great people but they are honoring God in their relationships. A definite inspiration for me.

Now: What's Coming Up on Chronicles...

Monday- Chronicles will have a wonderful guest blogger who will share some inspiring words on the powerful gift of forgiveness. Chronicles welcomes Mrs. Sarah D. Henson.

Tuesday- Who doesn't like a good love story? The Couples Feature next week will be just that. Lorenzo and Aarius Jones share how they became one and the great new chapter in their lives.

 Wednesday- Another beautiful wedding that I can't wait to share. 
You will love Jin's Beautiful Big Day.

Have a super weekend everyone,

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