Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sometimes we need a little pick-me-up to remind us just how beautiful we are. And beauty, in this case, is the thing that radiates from within and shows on the outside. Today, beauty consultant, Deidra Chism reminds us just how beautiful we are in God's eyes and shows us why we're "M.A.D.E 2 GLAM". But first, get to know Deidra. Stay tuned for her fabulous feature.

Deidra always knew she wanted to work in the beauty industry. As a young child, Deidra told her mom she wanted to be a hairstylist. Her mother’s response was, “First you go to college and then you think big with your goals.” Those words have stuck with Deidra and now years later, she is thinking big.

Deidra Chism graduated from Central High School in May of 2000 and afterwards, set her eyes on Fisk University. Deidra enrolled into Fisk in the fall of 2000 majoring in Business Administration and Management. Throughout her matriculation at Fisk, Deidra became involved in numerous volunteer and campus organizations. Deidra is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Deidra always enjoyed Homecoming Season at Fisk University. She knew she would have many appointments. As Dorian, her sister would put it, “Deidra only needs 1 bobby pin, and she will give you the cutest up-do. With that 1 bobby pin, your hair will not fall down.” Deidra graduated from Fisk University in May of 2004 with her B.S. in Business Administration and Management.

After graduating from Fisk University in Nashville, TN, Deidra moved back home to Memphis, TN and enrolled in Plaza Beauty School. At Plaza, Deidra was afforded the opportunities to work with some of the best educators the city has to offer and receive additional education provided by Pivot Point. Deidra graduated with high honors in haircutting techniques, communication, and also hairstyling.

After graduating, Deidra relocated but eventually landed back in Memphis, TN. While returning back to Memphis, Deidra worked with Supercuts for a period of time. Afterwards, Deidra felt it was time to move on and step out on faith. Within months, M.A.D.E. 2 Glam came about and Deidra has not looked back.

With M2G, Deidra is more than a hairstylist, but an inspiration to ladies highlighting the younger generation. M2G help young ladies realize who they are, what they represent, and most importantly to reach their full potential.

Deidra strives in helping women of any age realize they are M.A.D.E-Making A Difference Everywhere and Everyday.

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