Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Having a great photographer is on my dream wedding must-have list. It's probably neck and neck with my dress lol, which means I'm very serious about who captures my big day. But before the big day is captured, I've always dreamed of having engagement pictures taken (I'm serious about those too lol).

I'm not sure when I came across Bedazzled Photography. All I know is when I saw the first picture (in the set of pictures below) I literally gasped. Maybe it was because it captured the exact feel of how I'd like my engagement photos to look one day. Whatever the case, I literally looked through the entire blog after looking at the picture.

For today's Wedding Wednesday, I'm featuring Bedazzled Photography. Take a look at some of my favorite shots. A very special thank you to *Ayesha for allowing me to use her wonderful images.

Doyin & Ralph's Engagement Session

*To see more of Ayesha's great photography go to Bedazzled Photography
*To see more from the above engagement session go here


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! Will this be the same photographer for the wedding? Love the black and whites!!

  2. @Chocolate Mom: Yes indeed they are. Bedazzled is definitely one of the photographers on my dream wedding must-have list.