Friday, September 24, 2010


Hello Ladies...welcome back to a new-look and a new Chronicles. Thank you for your patience as I took some time away from the blog to reflect. As always God gave me something that really blessed me. In a nutshell He made me see that my true chronicles lies in what happened before I considered myself to be a future wife. I went through a wonderful transformation and that story needs to be shared. So that's the new direction that Chronicles is taking.

The features on the blog will remain, they just won't be weekly, save for Wedding Wednesday. I still want this to be a place of encouragement and upliftment for the single woman of God. Please go to the "Features" section to see details about features.

Thank you again for your patience. Chronicles is back :-) Look for a new post coming soon.

A very special thank you to Christina Jones of Visual Luxe Graphic Design Studio for designing the new look :-) Thank you Christina! You're a gem!

God Bless,


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